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Hybrid Workplace Technology

Use smart IoT sensors and AI technology to help businesses to seamlessly shift to the hybrid workplace of the future.

Step into the workplace of the future

Optimise Space

Maximise space utilisation and efficiency. Allowing business continuity and transformation.

Reduce Cost

Identify opportunities to reduce operating costs based on space and people analytics.

Engage Employee

Keep  your employees engaged and safe with a hybrid workforce.

Data-Driven Space

Use AI-driven analytics to take better decisions to build a hybrid workplace.

Make your workplace dynamic and responsive

Smart Workplace portfolio leverages a series of IoT, AI technologies and Cloud-based solutions to transform how people interact and experience with the workplace

AI-Driven Platform

Our intuitive cloud-based platform will you more control and visiblity than ever with access to real-time data insights and elite business intelligence.


Create your connected workplace by using advanced IoT sensor with different form factors. Automated sensors provide you with real-time data and insights of your smart workplace

Mobile Application

Keep your employees engaged with real-time communication, insights and business tools. 

Our Solution

Smart Space

Digitise your workspace and assign max occupancy. Get real-time data on occupany and utilisation. Identify opportunities to optimise space

Auto Check-in/out

Hands free auto-attendance and visitor check-in/out. Entry and exit recording and custom notification on entry and exits.

Locate and Track Asset

Identify assets within the workplace and assign points of interests to help employee connect with the workplace


Create a virtual zone and define access control and build custom alerts and notification based on zone.

QR Code Form Builder

Build QR coded form, checklist with an easy drag and drop form builder. Allow employees and guests to record information in real-time.

Environment Management

Get real-time insights on the workplace environment. Take smarter decision based on the AI-powered space analytics.

Employee experience

Improve employee experience and enagement with real-time communications and on-demand access to critical business information. 

Smart Desks

Automate and streamline hot desk and meeting room bookings through smart mobile application.

Contact Tracing

On-demand contract tracing to draw the path of potential infectious staff within the workplace

Incident Reporting

IoT and AI powered real-time incident reporting to keep workplace safer and smarter.

Facility Analytics

Use real-time advanced facility analytics to organise workplace cleaning, parking, HVAC and more. 

Multi-story management

Manage multiple floor and levels with smart sensors to understand footfall, manage emergency evacuation and more.

Driven by Proof of Value

Righ-size your workplace and optimise facility budgets to create a unified digital workplace experience.


Our expert team and partners will work with you to understand your challenges and can advise you the various options available for you.


Implement a quick pilot of the selected solution options that addresses specific return-to-work outcomes.

Scale up

Scale up your pilot to all your employees and sites; leverage the exisiting features that we release to management your workforce. 

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